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Date Posted: November 21, 2010 by Resort Manager

(Pagudpud has been called the "taste of heaven" here on earth.

This idiomatic expression has a tingedof truth for it offer more than words can say about it's legendary scenery so stranger to any part of the world.

The natives main source of livelihood are fishing, farming, lumbering and other hospitality industry.)

Here I want to listen to a song in my heart like heaven on earth as the wondrous smile of sonata. Whereas i can't stop singing of the treasure beneath the years for it touches my heart to capture a place like a lost heaven. For in what world, in what place can i find my paradise? Here lies the world of vision. Here lies the world of dreams.Here lies the nest of song, the lullabye. Here lies the age defying years. Here in Pagudpud, I'll be coming and going and store my granary with poems whcich are the treasures of nature. I'll write again and again the unending days and afternoons at the foot of a faraway world. Here lies the paradise of the world.