When you’re in the mood for an unflustered day in the beach, you can choose to calm your senses with our very own spa facility tailored to give you that well-deserved pampering. Though still in the works but nearing its completion date, our spa is bound to be a haven you can call your own with our expert masseur and invigorating spa treatments relaxing you amidst a calming, tropical setting. 




Meditation Room

Meditation Room

Reward yourself with a whole new level of relaxation with our Meditation Room. With this facility, you can indulge in the stillness, collect your personal thoughts, and empty yourself from any worry. Scheduled to open soon, we promise you that you will be leaving Evangeline Beach Resort completely renewed and rejuvenated in more ways than one.





Organic Garden

Our organic garden offers a unique experience for our guests. Take a break from the alluring breeze of the beach and treat yourself to a different type of haven—one where flowers bloom, plants abound, and nature can be enjoyed. Our organic garden also serves as our kitchen’s source of safe and healthy greens, carefully handpicked for our guests to enjoy.





Convenient Store

Our soon to open complete and convenient grocery sto re will relieve you of all your last-minute needs and worries. Whether you’ve forgotten to bring snacks to munch on by your kids or oddly misplaced your toothbrush, our grocery store guarantees that you would still have that perfect vacation despite these minor hassles.   





Souvenir Shop

After having the time of your life in Pagudpud, top off your vacation with us by visiting our soon-to-be completed Souvenir Shop. Filled with merchandise and other knick-knacks to remind you of your memorable stay with us, our shop shelves an assortment of items that promises you won’t be leaving our Souvenir Shop empty-handed.