Discover Pagudpud

Located 350 miles north of Manila, the coastal town of Pagudpud is bounded to the south by the town of Bangui, to the east by the Cordillera Mountain Range, the town of Adams and the province of Cagayan, and by the South China Sea to the west and north.


Made a municipality on February 5, 1954, Pagudpud was previously a part of the town of Bangui. Based on the 2000 census, Pagudpud has a total population of 19,315 residing in 3,804 homes that are spread across 83 square miles. The major industries in Pagudpud are farming, fishing and subsistence retailing. Tourism, on the other hand, is a steadily developing part of the town’s economy.


Places to Visit

bangui windmills

Bangui Windmills

The awe-inspiring Bangui Windmills is a marvel built by the North Wind Power Development Corporation as their part in helping to put a stop in global warming. A feast for the eyes up close, the windmills are also visible from the beaches of Pagudpud, making it an even more breathtaking sight from afar.



The Kapurpurawan is an image that seems like it has been cut off a magazine because of its grandeur and beauty. A huge white rock formation by the sea, it has been carved by the wind throughout the years. Reaching the Kapurpurawan by foot is a tremendously satisifying feat. A wonderful site preserved by nature, it is indeed one of Pagudpud’s natural wonder.

bojeador lighthouse

Bojeador Lighthouse

Built during the Spanish colonization, the majestic and historic Bojeador Lighthouse made from red brick is located on a hill overlooking the South China Sea. This is the most accessible among all the light houses in northern Luzon, making it a perfect place for tourists to experience standing in front of a historical landmark that is also the highest lighthouse in the Philippines.

Patapat Viaduct

Patapat Viaduct

The Patapat Viaduct is one of the most recognizable tourist attractions in Pagudpud. Right by the foot of the North Cordillera Mountain Range sits the 1.2-kilometer Patapat Bridge that has been dubbed as the French Riviera of the North. The remarkable view of the mountain that towers 200 meters above sea level and the alluring ocean is what greet tourists who drive through the winding Patapat Viaduct. Tourists can’t help but be lured by the inviting scenery outside, often getting off their cars to capture it in a photograph.

Pasaleng Bay

Pasaleng Bay

Found just beside the Patapat Viaduct, the Pasaleng Bay is unmatched when it comes to history and beauty. Under the clear blue waters of Pasaleng Bay is a shipwreck dating back to the Japanese occupation. According to beliefs, half of the ship sunk to the depths of Pasaleng Bay while the other half lies under Agua Grande. More than a hotspot for treasure hunters and adventure seekers, Pasaleng Bay is a beautiful tourist attraction that deserves to be seen by anyone.

Kabigan Falls

Kabigan Falls

Enveloped by trees, the Kabigan Falls is breathtaking at 120 feet. With water falling into a cool natural basin, tourists can swim, enjoy the majesty of the waterfalls, and take in the natural scenery all at the same time. One of the most favored destinations in Pagudpud, Kabigan Falls is indeed Mother Nature’s blessing.

Bantay abot cave

Bantay Abot Caves

Found by the crystal clear waters of Balaoi is the picturesque Bantay Abot Caves, a mountain with a hole by the sea. The caves are set in an undisturbed mountain by the sea where the idea of having the lapping of the waves and the whistling of the wind luring tourists to this magical place. Those who want to experience nature and serenity, this charming mountain paradise is the best place to visit.

Timmangtang Rock

Timmangtang Rock

The Timmangtang Rock sits by the coast of Balaoi, a few meters away from the Bantay Abot Caves. One can walk from the shoreline to this bell-like opulence during low tide. The panoramic view of the blue sea and sky is what greet tourists upon reaching the place. Others can engage in mountain climbing, banca sailing, or dare themselves by exploring the cave beneath the blue waters.

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon/Maira-ira Point

Boasting of fine white sand and unbelievably azure waters that stuns tourists every time, Blue Lagoon at Maira-ira Point is another unspoiled slice of paradise at the northernmost tip of Luzon. Blue Lagoon emanates a feeling of isolation and tranquility with the area yet to be developed into a busting tourist attraction. Those who come here find adventure in taking a dip in the often notorious, sometimes still waters of Ilocos, while others seek solace in its undeveloped tropical allure.


Surfing in front of EBR

Pagudpud is quickly becoming the surfing capital of the Philippines and that’s no surprise. Whether they are surfing enthusiasts or not, tourists flock here to experience the celebrated waves of Ilocos. And right in front of Evangeline Beach Resort are the same high-performance waters that can be enjoyed through surfing and other water sports. For those who seek the thrill that Northern Philippines offers, surfing right in front of our resort is the best place to have that aqua adventure.

Dos Hermanos

Dos Hermanos Islands

Located at the northern section of the Blue Lagoon, Dos Hermanos Islands are two almost-identical rock formations that boast of caves where colourful tropical fishes can be found through the crystal clear waters surrounding the islands. According to old folklore, these two islands were brothers who promised to stay together until their death and were later transformed to these islands to serve as an inspiration to others. Tourists can come in for a closer view via motorized boats where they are treated to a majestic work of nature, carved through time.

Saud Beach Cove

Saud Beach Cove

The famous Saud Beach Cove is a truly delightful attraction that continues to lure tourists from all over the world with its appealing white sand that is made even more beautiful by the palm trees strewn a couple of meters away from the waters of Saud Beach. Saud Beach Cove today is a busting tropical destination with resorts, restaurants, and other tourism establishments situated in the area that make experiencing the beach cove all the more charming and comfortable. May it be in the middle of the busy summer months or not, Saud Beach Cove sits to be a must-visit place in your Northern Luzon itinerary.