Emohruo Beach Restobar’s Own Specialty

The excellent chefs of Emohruo Beach Restobar serve a unique blend of innovative Asian cuisine that they themselves have created. The menu boasts of a variety of offerings ranging from creative seafood fares to spicy Thai curry sauces, all made from the freshest ingredients and herbs freshly-picked from the resort’s very own organic garden. Apart from the magnificent food choices, we also have a selection of wines for our guests and their discriminating palates.

As we go to the ends of the earth just to please you, we invite you to join us in sampling our extensive list of fine wines and creative culinary fares.




Emohruo’s Wake Up Shake Up (Favorites)

 (Egg omelet with cheese, ham, mushroom, carrot with toasted bread & coffee.)

Scrambled Seafood with Toasted Bread 

(Scrambled egg with shrimp, tarragon, basil & chives. served with 2pcs.bread & coffee.)

Seafood Barbecue (Favorites)  

(Medley of seafood marinated with spicy S.S.S. & grilled, with buttered vegetable sidings.)

Spicy Ground Fish in Banana Leaf 

(Ground fish marinated with lemon, ginger, shallot & chillies cooked in coconut milk, wrapped in banana leaves & grilled to your liking.)

Stuffed Calamari 

(Grilled squid stuffed with minced pork, crabstick, squid, onion, & minced vegetable, served with white sauce.)

Fishy Rolls (Must-try) 

(Fillet of fish filled with crabmeat, parmesan cheese, lettuce & seaweed with lemon butter -tarragon sauce.)

Flaming Seafood Rolls 

 (Minced squid, shrimps, fish, mixed fresh herbs & vegetables wrapped with seaweed & lettuce, in spicy coconut milk sauce.)

Sizz ling Seafood in Mango Sauce 

(Fish fillet, calamares rings & prawns, stir fried with sweet peas

Emohruo Fiesta Grill with 3plain rice

(Medley of grilled tilapia, pork chop, chicken barbecue, & calamares with grilled Iloco vegetables & bananas on the sidings, served with KBL & mango salsa.)

Mango Honey Chicken 

(Grilled chicken pieces marinated w/ mango, honey & spices topped w/ dried mangoes.)

New York Cut (good for 1-2 persons) (Favorites)

(Boneless tender beef cut grilled w/ special marinade of honey mustard, soy sauce

Ruthy Rolls (Must-try) 

(Eggplant, carrots, sayote, lettuce w/ cheese & seaweed roll-ups served w/ mushroom herb sauce)

Ana’s Salad (Favorites) 

(A very light meal, crispy greens with boiled eggs & slices of ham, pineapple, chicken & cheese.)

House Chopped Salad 

(Lettuce, cucumber & tomato with your choice of rosemary vinaigrette or thousand island dressing.)

Bagnet Rice with KBL 


Carrot rice (Must-try) 

(Fried rice with shredded carrots, fresh herbs & spices.)

Green Rice (Must-try) 
(Fried rice with garlic, fresh basil, mint & chives topped with tofu slices.)

Emohruo Shake 

(Lemon tea, vanilla ice cream & mint cream.)


Reby’s Dream  

(Grenadine, Kahlua & Bailey’s)

Bartender’s Specialty 

 (Rhum, Juice & Grenadine)

Pagudpud Sling (Best-seller) 

(Rhum, Vodka, Whisky, Amaretto Liqueur, Juice, coconut meat & Grenadine Syrup)

Emohruo’s Cocktail 

(crème de menthe ,rum, orange juice, syrup)